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Beating / Defending a speeding ticket.

One of the ways is to level the playing field.  The Officer  is an expert in the use of speed detection device(s),  such as radar, lase / lidar, pacing / pace, vascar, gap time, aerial enforcement.  Retain a qualified expert in that field.

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  • I was driving my 2013 BMW about 65 mph in a 65 mph speed limit. I saw a cop in a marked police car on the side of the highway. As I past him I saw him pull out. About 3-4 miles later he was in back of me and about 1 mile later he put his flashing lights and siren on and pulled me over. I never told me what he used to clock me. I do not know if it was radar, pacing, pace, laser, lidar, gap time, vascar. He asked me a few questions and told me I was going 85 mph and started to seacrh my car. I hired a local lawyer who was a nice guy, but did not have a clue, but told me we have to get an expert in the exceed the speed limit. We hired Perry Zucker. His office investigated the scene and provided my lawyer with alot of material. My lawyer admitted that Mr. Zucker pointed out stuff that he would have never seen. Today we when to trial and Perry was able to show the court that the officer made alot of mistakes. The judge dimissed the exceeding speed limit / speeding ticket and finally dismissed the entire case.

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