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DOJ sets new rules for cell phones.

The US Dept of Justice has announced new guidelines concerning cell phone data. In essence, they will need a warrant(s) to obtain this data. However, the guidelines also say that the warrant requirement doesn’t apply under “exigent circumstances” and “exceptional circumstances,” CNN reports.

Police Radar Speeding Expert Witness

Radar speed measuring devices that are used to issue police radar speeding tickets, utilize a method of an electronic beam (radiation – radio) that has various beam widths, which depends on the radar unit and/or band (frequency). The police officer activates the unit at a moving vehicle. The unit emits the beam with a known Continue Reading

New York Lowers Speed Limits

As of August 08, 2014, or thereabout , NY Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into legislation, laws to lower the un-posted / posted speed limit from 30mph to 25 mph. The governor believes that slowing down will reduce pedestrian and motorist deaths. On a recent speech to a New York audience he stated “New Yorkers are Continue Reading

New Laws On Police Radar Guns – Pennsylvania

If Pennsylvania Rep. Mario Scavello, R-176th have his way, PA House Bill 38 would allow local police officers to use radar devices to enforce speed laws. Currently, some departments are using gap time, VASCAR and pacing / clocking. Pennsylvania is the only state to prohibit local police officers to use radar to enforce speed limit Continue Reading