Lidar / Laser Speed Gun

Laser / Lidar Speed Gun for Probable Cause

Police Traffic Lidar / Laser  Expert Witness

Police Lidar / Laser Speed Gun: The device transmits a series of light pulse that reflexes off the target vehicle (yours) then is received by the lidar receiver. The unit then calculates and displays the velocity of the target vehicle.

LIDAR / LASER ERRORS: Can occur if the origin design have theoretic issues, operating of device as well as proper calibration procedures.

LASER / LIDAR PROCEDURES: A series of tests that is preformed on the device, that is used for the speed measuring device.

OUR SERVICES: We offer lidar / laser experts / expert witnesses that can provide site investigations, forensically examine all material, as well as provide expert witness testimony concerning the police speeding ticket / probable cause traffic stops that are in question, that can level the court field of justice; nationwide.

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