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New York Lowers Speed Limits


As of August 08, 2014, or thereabout , NY Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into legislation, laws to lower the un-posted / posted speed limit from 30mph to 25 mph. The governor believes that slowing down will reduce pedestrian and motorist deaths.
On a recent speech to a New York audience he stated “New Yorkers are fast, New Yorkers like to do things fast, everything is time, everything is pressure, but this says slow down and save a life,”
The new law will go into effect in ninety days, once the City of New York approves its own the law formalizing it.
The new law is part of Mayor Bill De Blasio’s to reduce traffic deaths.
Notwithstanding some areas will have a posted speed limit signs and other’s will have un-posted.
Time will tell if lowering and enforcing the new speed limit law will reduce deaths stemming from traffic accidents.


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