PA Turnpike Will Install AET

By 2018 the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) will impendent the Auto Electronic Tolls (AET) for cashless tolls.
This system will allow motorists to pay tolls electronically without slowing down or fully stop at booths. Motorist that have EZ-Pass will continue to save double digital amounts. The PTC is currently studying other electronic methods for collect tolls, such as license plate reading, which the registered owner will pay the tolls.

Reason For System
There are several benefits for the AET system such as: Enhanced safety (reduced accident factor) , commute times (lower bottle necking) , cleaner environment (lower pollutions), as well as lowing operating cost, etc.

Time will tell if the AET system will indeed be effective for Pennsylvania, as in other states such as Florida, Texas, Ca, NC, Detroit, WA, Illinois, Massachusetts, NY (pending), Ohio (pending) RI, and NJ.

Author: Perry J Zucker, EE, ME

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