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Police Radar Speeding Expert Witness

Radar speed measuring devices that are used to issue police radar speeding tickets, utilize a method of an electronic beam (radiation – radio) that has various beam widths, which depends on the radar unit and/or band (frequency).

The police officer activates the unit at a moving vehicle. The unit emits the beam with a known frequency (t = 1/f; t: time, f: frequency).
How to Beat / Fighting a Radar Speeding Ticket – Trial Preparation (Defense)

Review all the document(s) / evidence (objectionable / objections) that the officer plans to use on the trial date. This might include maintenance, calibrations, training, and other data records. Police Officers that issue radar speeding tickets / violations are “Experts” in the operation and not the theory of the aforementioned device(s). A good defense, is to retain an “Expert / Expert Witness” in this exact field. The expert should be an engineer, that is familiar with radar speed measuring device (certified speed measuring device operator / instructor), police training, vehicle characteristics, certified vehicle technician / mechanic, and court rules. Usually trial by declaration (mail) rarely is successful.

The beam strikes the target and reflects back to the radar unit’s with a shift in time / frequency. This is known as the “Doppler Shift or Frequency”. The officer observes the target vehicle (yours / defendant) and reads the speed display on the radar unit’s digital display – By Perry Zucker

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