Police Traffic Lidar Expert

Lidar / Laser Speeding – How  Police Laser / Lidar  Works? (Theory):
Laser / Lidar speed measuring devices that are used to issue speeding tickets, uses an infrared light that strikes a targeted vehicle reflects this light back to the lidar device in which the officer reads the display.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure):
The LASER operator performs a few operating tests,  which may help the officer determining if the unit is working. 

Accuracy Level:
Depends on the unit, environment and operator.

Operating Distance – Laser / Lidar Gun:
Some laser guns have a distance over  50 feet plus.

Errors in police lidar / laser guns?
Depends on the unit, environment and operator.

How to beat  Lidar / Laser  Traffic Speeding Ticket – Trial Preparation:
The best way of fighting a traffic lidar / laser ticket is to fight fire with fire.  The police officer is an expert witness for the government.  Retain your own expert witness in this field of expertise.  The expert should be an engineer, that is familiar with lidar speed measuring device (certified speed measuring device operator / instructor), police training, vehicle characteristics, certified vehicle technician / mechanic, and the court rules as well as certain laws.

Police Traffic lidar Expert Witness
We offer speeding ticket laser experts / expert witnesses that can provide site investigations, forensically examine all material, as well as provide expert witness testimony concerning the police lidar speeding ticket that is in question, that can level the court field of justice.


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