How does Police Radar Work?

Police radar speed measuring devices are used to use radio waves to emit a beam and reflect off a vehicle.  It is this time allotment that determines the speed of this said vehicle. The law enforcement agent reads the speed display on the radar unit’s digital display.

Standard Operating Procedure For Police Traffic Radar – Expert Witness:
The police officer should perform a series of tests (as per manufacturer / federal / state), which may assist the operator in determining if the radar unit is operating. He/she should be trained in the proper use of this specific device. A traffic history may also be needed, in the general area of the traffic speeding violation.

 Are there different types of police radar devices?

Moving Radar: The police vehicle as well as all targets vehicle are moving.

Stationary Radar: The police vehicle is parked but the target vehicle(s) are moving.

Accuracy for Police Radar Devices
Yes, usually single digits.

How to Fighting a Radar Traffic Speeding Ticket – Trial Preparation (Defense)
Retain an expert witness in the exact field as the

Review all the document(s) / evidence (objectionable / objections) that the officer plans to use on the trial date. This might include maintenance, calibrations, training, and other data records. Police Officers that issue radar speeding tickets / violations are “Experts” in the operation and not the theory of the aforementioned device(s). A good defense, is to retain an “Expert / Expert Witness” in this exact field. The expert should be an engineer, that is familiar with radar speed measuring device (certified speed measuring device operator / instructor), police training, vehicle characteristics, certified vehicle technician / mechanic, and court rules. Usually trial by declaration (mail) rarely is successful.

Police Traffic Radar Expert Witness
We offer speeding ticket radar experts / expert witnesses that can provide site investigations, forensically examine all material, as well as provide expert witness testimony concerning the police radar speeding ticket that is in question, that can level the court field of justice.