Reasons For Probable Cause – DUI/DWI/Marijuana

Probable Cause Stops – Reasons


Definitions of  Probable Cause;
“A well-grounded suspicion that a crime has been or is being committed”, such as violating traffic laws, e.g. speeding, signals, signs, pavement marking.


Reasons for Traffic Stop –  Probable Cause:
If this traffic stop to be legal the officer must meet certain elements, such as a reason for the car stop. The most common are traffic infraction, e.g.  speeding, passing a signal / sign, pavement markings, equipment.


Fighting a Probable Cause Traffic Stop:
In order to be successful, it will be critical to retain the same type of expert witness as the police officer.  The expert should be an engineer, that is familiar with traffic violations (certified speed measuring device operator / instructor), police training, vehicle characteristics, certified vehicle technician / mechanic, and court rules.


Probable Cause Expert:
The Offices Of PERRY J. ZUCKER, can evaluate these type of cases in which the veracity of the speed measuring device, such as radar, pacing / pace / clocking, gap time / vascar, laser / lidar, vehicle equipment, and traffic control device (traffic: signals / lights and signs) in which the operation of them are in question, from an expert witness / scientific / forensic / engineering point of view, as well as providing expert witness testimony – By Perry Zucker

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