Reasonable Suspicion-Expert

Police car hiding behind a building for Traffic Stop Probable Cause Reasonable Suspicion to issue traffic tickets for speeding (radar, lidar, pacing gap time), and traffic devices from an Expert Witness that trained police officers.

Police Radar Methods

Police are using different methods such as catch (1st police vehicle with the radar gun) and chase (2nd police veicle that issues the traffic speeding ticket) to utilizes radar guns to issues speeding tickets, which is a traffic stop for probable cause which might lead to an arrest. This complete video shows from start to […]

Police Traffic Radar Expert Witness

Theory of Police Traffic Radar: Police Traffic Radar speed measuring devices that are used by law enforcement to issue speeding violations, which uses an electronic beam. The police officer activates the unit at the moving targeted vehicle, in which the beam strikes the target and reflects back to the radar unit and the police officer […]

Police Traffic Lidar Expert

Lidar / Laser Speeding – How  Police Laser / Lidar  Works? (Theory): Laser / Lidar speed measuring devices that are used to issue speeding tickets, uses an infrared light that strikes a targeted vehicle reflects this light back to the lidar device in which the officer reads the display. SOP (Standard Operating Procedure): The LASER […]

Reasons For Probable Cause – DUI/DWI/Marijuana

Probable Cause Stops – Reasons   Definitions of  Probable Cause; “A well-grounded suspicion that a crime has been or is being committed”, such as violating traffic laws, e.g. speeding, signals, signs, pavement marking.   Reasons for Traffic Stop –  Probable Cause: If this traffic stop to be legal the officer must meet certain elements, such […]