Using a Laser / Lidar Gun – Traffic Ticket

Police Lidar / Laser Gun – Speeding Ticket

Unfortunately, many police officers do not use the speed measuring device, in terms of a laser speed gun, properly. As a direct result the lidar gun may have a subjective accuracy / error level.

Setup Procedure – Police Laser / Lidar Gun

Regardless of the laser / lidar manufacturer, there is a specific setup procedure. If the said detailed procedure are not followed, than the required levels may not be obtained.

Laser / Lidar Gun – Improper Use

The result of improper use and/or defective police speed measuring devices (lidar / laser) equipment may result in targeting the wrong vehicle and/or inaccuracy reading of the speed of the targeted vehicle. For addition details <Click Here>

Police Traffic Lidar / Laser Expert Services

Our team of expert witnesses / experts focus on police traffic speeding tickets or violation, probable cause traffic stops as well as reasonable articulate suspicion (RAS) or reasonable suspicion in different aspects.  

We offer forensic analysis, field investigations as well as providing expert witness testimony, in federal / state: criminal, and traffic / municipal courts, for defendants,  and prosecutors, nationwide.

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